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CHonline is very simple!

Hi there! Thank you for visiting CHonline. We are a combination of Cosmedcia services from the "" and  "".

Together we have decided to offer our services via CHonline at discounted rates so that you may experience.


Ok, here's the easy part.. simply browse through our active deals section, pick the deal that suits you and purchase the offer. You will receive your voucher instantly and be able to use it straight away - no delay!


Once you receive our confirmation e-mail, simply claim your voucher in the allocated salon/clinic, and voila, all done!


Some deals are quite popular, so please make sure to phone ahead and make a reservation. Also, please note on some of our clinical deals, we sometimes recommend having a chat or contacting your local GP to make sure you're medically sound for the procedure - just to be sure!


Looking forward to hearing from you and please don't hesitate to contact any of the salons/clinics if you have any queries,


The Christopher Hanna And Anti-Wrinkle Clinic Team.